Improving Your Communication Skills

You've found a contemporary way to improve your communication skills.
Understanding your personality and the personality of others will quickly allow you to establish rapport and to successfully influence others.
Successful communicators practice this, even though they may not know exactly what they're doing.

Have you noticed that some comedians make you laugh more than others?
Did you have a favorite school teacher?
Do you have a special business associate that seems easy to talk with?

Yes, we all have our own preferences.
And we all exhibit certain characteristics that our friends like...
and our 'not friends' don't like.

What's needed is a quick way to analyze our associates and use the traits they find desireable.
It's easy and it works.

We've produced a special ebook that trains you in recognizing 6 important handwriting traits
provides the key questions so you can rapidly determine the
Preferred Internal Representational System of your associates.
This ebook gives you the insider knowledge that will assure instant rapport when speaking.

Which of the following phrases appeals to you the most?

I see what your saying...
I hear you...
I feel better, now that I understand you...
These 3 issues make sense to me...